At Nomit we believe that information and knowledge are the key elements to work towards integration into the new Melbourne reality

  • Welcome Desk  – the first step when arriving in Melbourne (open to everyone)
  • English Desk – free conversation classes to improve your English (for members only)
  • Help Desk – counselling service (for members only)
  • Job Desk – assistance on how to write a resume, cover letters and how to prepare for job interviews; group seminars and one-on-one sessions for professional counselling (for members only)



Promoting culture is the core activity for us at Nomit

  • Art Desk – we like to think of ourselves as an incubators for new ideas and we want to inspire a creative dialogue between young Italians, through the development and creation of artistic and cultural projects (for members only)



All the members at Nomit believe that the best approach to participate actively within the community we live in is to be present, participative and interested in everything that is around us, with an open dialogue aided and supported by technology and means of communication.

  •  Eureka! – This is a page that we created in collaboration with the Italian magazine “Il Globo”. With this page we want to be the voice for all the young Italians living in Melbourne, talking about lifestyle, politics, culture and society with our eyes focused on what goes on around us down under and our hearts directed at what happens overseas, the latest Italian news, events and social and political developments (open to members’ contributions)   
  • Eureka Radio – At the beginning of 2016 Nomit, in partnership with Rete Italia, started a radio show to talk about and discuss the themes published on Eureka! (open to members’ contributions)
  • Eureka Blog – A further channel to spread ideas, projects and more generally our feelings as Italians, newcomers and adopted Melbournians. This blog is available on this website and it is open to anyone who, just like us, wants to share and contribute to our activities. (open to everyone)