Mission & Vision



  • To create a community directed at the new Italian immigrants in Melbourne
  • To support and inform our fellow nationals so that they can integrate more quickly and more consciously
  • To spread a newer and more contemporary vision of the Italian culture, through social as well as artistic projects that are aimed towards information and education



We believe that the Italian culture and reality have undergone a profound transformation since the first immigrants came to Australia.

We believe that the diffusion of this new culture goes through the integration of the new Italians in the Australian society and we are firm believers of the fact that this integration can happen in many different ways, through many different channels, artistic, social or work related.

We know that a true integration can only be built on proper information.

To spread an Italian culture that stays truer to modern times, we believe it is fundamental to work towards providing assistance to the Italian community, information on the importance of a good proficiency in the English language and promoting our artistic and cultural patrimony.